Friday Inspiration, Vol. 2

Some great stuff I’ve been reading, watching, and listening to this week:

The guys from Gnarly Bay usually do one passion project or so a year, and they always always always nail it:

Jason Tyler Burton said his new EP was “sad-ass songs” but they don’t make me sad.

It’s a bear sleeping bag. Not a sleeping bag for bears, a sleeping bag for you, so you can look like a bear.

Stefan Hunt’s award-winning film just came out on Vimeo and it’s incredibly relevant right now.

I’ve had this album on repeat for a week straight now.

Seth’s bike posters are on sale now and all proceeds benefit the Afghan Women’s Cycling Team.

The 25 Best Hip Hop Beats of All-Time? Even if you disagree with some of them, it’s a great playlist (and history lesson).


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