Video: Frank and the Tower

I’m overjoyed to share this film, and the guy in it, with everyone this week. Three friends—Forest Woodward, Fitz Cahall, and myself—took big chunks of time off to work for free on this project so we could help Frank tell his story. a big thanks to the folks at REI, who stepped in and sponsored the film after it premiered at the 5Point Film Festival this spring. I hope you enjoy 12 minutes with Frank as much as I’ve enjoyed my time with him.

If you’d like to read a longer story about the making of the film, I wrote one over on the REI blog.


8 replies on “Video: Frank and the Tower”
  1. says: Patrick

    Fantastic film. I really enjoyed it. A little dose of Frank’s spirit and enthusiasm was just what I needed on this rainy, dreary day!

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