‘Funny Shit in the Woods: The Best of Semi-Rad.com’ Available Now

After Semi-Rad.com passed the three-year mark this spring, I started to think a lot about creating something non-digital, or less ephemeral than weekly blog posts that appear on glowing screens.

I’ve written a new post every Thursday for 198 straight weeks, and I’ve watched as some of the writing has gotten shared on Facebook and Twitter. But I wondered about a different, more tangible way to share it. Something people could take on road trips to Out of Cell Phone Range, or pass around a campfire, put in a library box on a raft trip, or gift to family and friends to say “this is (at least kind of) why I love to go outside so much” or even “hey, when racking my brain for the perfect holiday gift to sum up my sentiments about you and our relationship, I came up with this.”

Over the summer, I made a book called Funny Shit in the Woods and Other Stories: The Best of Semi-Rad.com. It’s on sale as of today, November 13th. It’s $14.99 in paperback through this link, or $5.99 on Kindle, and if you like some of the stuff on this website, you might like the book.

Here’s what’s in the book:

  • 40 stories from Semi-Rad.com that have been “liked” and shared on Facebook and Twitter more than anything else on this website, going back to 2011
  • 40 original, not-very-professional drawings
  • Some funny stuff
  • Some stories about people I find inspiring
  • 19 instances of the word “dude”
  • 89 instances of the word “rock”
  • 91 instances of the word “bike”

I hope you’re one-tenth as excited about it as I am:



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