‘The New American Road Trip Mixtape’ Available Now

With the help of a bunch of great friends, I spent the last couple years putting together a book called The New American Road Trip Mixtape. It’s a story about living on the road, the search for the American Dream, and our evolving ideas of happiness and home.

If you like some of the writing on this blog, you might like the book. As of today, it’s available for $14 in paperback, or $8 on ebook devices. For more information on how to buy it, click here.



25 replies on “‘The New American Road Trip Mixtape’ Available Now

  • Rus Southwood

    I’m a huge fan of your writing. I often laugh out loud, usually because something you described is almost exactly what I’ve experienced. Just wish you had an audible version of the new book, so I could take it on MY road trip! I try not to read too much print while driving…

  • Brittany

    Is it possible at all to send you money and have a PDF version emailed to me? I don’t have a Kindle and I use a Kobo for all my ebooks, so I’d love to have it on there. I’m getting ready to do a month-long trip with lots of free time and I would love to read it!! If not, no worries. Just figured I’d ask. 🙂

  • Chase

    Bought it last night on Kindle and as soon as “Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way” was blasting from the speakers you had me locked in.

    That is exactly how you start a F’n road trip. Congratulation Brendan, great read so far.

  • Megan

    I have been craving something to “shake me up and show me my real dreams.” You hit that right on the head there. I’ll be picking up your book soon and hopefully going on my own road trip soon thereafter. Thanks Brendan!

  • Jessica

    I have been following your blog for a little while and find it very inspiring. 2013 has literally changed my life. Everything. I got a divorce, quit my job, got rid of 99% of my stuff, and drove from CA to MA (with several stops in between). I realized that I was not following my heart and soul. I was doing everything “right,” but I was not truly fulfilled. So, here I am, beginning to embrace a simpler lifestyle, aimed toward experiencing new places, people, and adventures. It’s pretty nomadic, but SO exciting. I bought your book for myself and as a Christmas present for one of my best friends. Thanks for being brave and honest despite what everyone else says : )

  • Dan

    Bought your book (noticed the print date was my birthday) and I am loving it. Half-way through and I’m already lamenting the lack of ability for me to bugger off and take a nice long road trip. Too many responsibilities…I need to find a way to make one happen in 2014.

  • Jason

    Just finished reading your book only moments ago and wanted to simply say ‘thank you’. The perfect book at the right time. Pages have been dog eared, music has been discovered and inspiration has been seeded.

    My only complaint? That it ended.

  • Joe Stelfox

    Just finished the book as well. Thanks for not forcing it to have some sort of heroic ending and just letting it be exactly what it is. An introspective deep breath that shows us again the most beautiful things in life lie somewhere in the gray area. So go discover something.
    Really dig it overall. You’ve got a friend back east if you ever want to see what the dmv (DC maryland virginia) has to offer!

  • Corey White

    Just finished reading your book and loved it! Indeed, home is so much more than some stick and shingles. Thanks for the great read!

  • Carson Stanwood

    Yesterday, my local bookstore finally called with my copy and I sat down last night and read it all the way through to the end. Tried to stop, but couldn’t. Today’s going to be a rougher-than-usual work day, but it was so worth it. You know you love someone’s writing when you fold down pages, so you can return to read especially great sections. To write a book completely about oneself and still retain humility and a sense of humor requires a great writer. I have a feeling I’ll be loaning my copy frequently. Thanks.

  • Veronica Beman

    i’m currently reading this (almost done!) and i just wanna say thank you for writing such an incredible book. seriously, i can tell you really put your heart and soul into it and it came to me in a perfect time in my own life. thank you for putting things into words that i could never explain myself and sharing a bit of yourself to us. also, i’m not even sure if you read these anyway, but i have a song i’ve been listening to nonstop and i think, based on your other musical interests that you said in the book, that you’ll really like it. if you have time you should check it out, perfect for driving in beautiful places 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyuF8E3MxQM

  • Veronica

    i am reading your book right now (almost done!) and i just wanted to say, thank you. this book came to me at a perfect time in my life and it is just what i needed. you have described so many of the thoughts that i have in ways that i could never phrase or explain to people, or even myself. so thank you. also, well i’m not even really sure if you read these, but in case you do, i have a song that i think you’ll really dig based off of your musical interests that you talked about in the book. if you have the time and wanna hear another great song to listen to on the road or otherwise, you should check it out! i’ve been listening to it nonstop 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyuF8E3MxQM

  • Glenn

    I initially brought the book as a thank you, to you, for all of the fun and inspiration your writing has brought me. Just finished the book and truly enjoyed it. It inspired me to drop the Redneck Rivera vacation had had planned, and replace it with a Fly Fishing road trip to Key West.
    Thanks Brah

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