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Fitness Quotes Brought To You By Bears

[Original photo: "Bear Alaska (3)" by Carl Chapman from Phoenix, usa - Driving To Alaska. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons]   [Original photo: "Black bear large" by Mike Bender/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons]  ...

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how to go to the gym

How To Go To The Gym

Hans Florine has climbed The Nose on El Cap damn near 100 times, and in 2012 set the speed record for climbing The Nose with partner Alex Honnold in 2:23:46, one of several times Hans has held the record. He is quite unlike ...

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i love helmets

Dear Helmets:

Dear helmets: You guys are my favorite hats. Sure, other headwear may be more stylish, more “cool,” easier to put on slightly sideways to suggest some, well, whatever it is the kids are trying to communicate these days, but you are the best, ...

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The Back-To-Civilization Buffet

My friends and I drove down a dirt road out of the Sangre de Cristo Range after a two-night backpacking trip to an alpine lake and within the first 10 minutes of the drive, we had decided that we would head straight to ...

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The Benefits Of Discomfort

About a year ago, psychologist and author Kelly McGonigal gave a TED Talk on “How to Make Stress Your Friend,” which has now been viewed 6 million times. To paraphrase, McGonigal said this: Stress can kill you, but only if you believe stress ...

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best backpack

The Best Backpack For You

If you walk any distance over one mile in the out-of-doors, you should think about getting a backpack. Sure, cargo pants, fanny packs, and khaki vests with a bajillion pockets are attractive and plenty effective at carrying up to 15 pounds of essentials, ...

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too much stuff

The Three Laws Of Stuff Dynamics

Do you have trouble fitting that last item in your backpack, or struggle to hang a piece of clothing in a closet between all the other clothes, or otherwise struggle to find places for all your stuff? Relax. It’s not you, it’s science.* ...

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The Lost Art Of Dreaming Over Maps

I was talking to my friend Mark about mountain biking a while back when he mentioned linking together a bunch of shorter trails around the town of Golden: You start at my office, go up South Table Mountain, over to North Table Mountain, ...

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