20 inch wheels

Announcing A Revolutionary New MTB Wheel Size

THIS SUMMER. A REVOLUTIONARY NEW MOUNTAIN BIKE WHEEL SIZE. WILL TAKE THE WORLD BY STORM. please pause reading here for dramatic effect TWENTY INCHES. That’s right. It wasn’t long ago that you skeptically eyed 29-inch wheels, thinking, “How could it make that much ...

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herb and jan conn by cody blair1

Sometimes It Ain’t Rocket Science

Herb and Jan Conn developed almost all of the early climbing in South Dakota’s Needles with a 60-foot rope, almost one-fourth the length of contemporary ropes. Because of their efforts and style in the ’40s and ’50s, the place has a reputation for ...

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yay owww2

The Moments Before Your Big Moments

I got an email from Statigram the other day offering to collect my “best Instagram moments of 2013.” I thought Why Not and clicked a couple times, and a few minutes later, I received in my inbox a 15-second video of my five ...

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working out

Magazines Have Some Questions About Your Workout

Of course you want to look good. We all do. But before you throw yourself headlong into a new workout routine, magazines would like to ask you some questions—just to make sure you know what the hell you’re doing out there. I scanned ...

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Do Things And Make Things Next Year

My parents gave me Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York book for a holiday gift, and I spent the next hour flipping from cover to cover, in awe and admiration of Stanton’s work, and the depth of humanity he’d been able to experience ...

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healthy holiday eating

It’s Time To Gain That Holiday Weight Again

“Oh yeah,” Lee said from his side of the table at the Two Sisters Cafe in Idaho Springs, “you know how many calories you burn just trying to stay warm?” I took huge guiltless bites of a breakfast burrito. The question was purely ...

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