11 Ways To Make That Chairlift Ride Awkward

Ski season is here, and you’ll be spending anywhere from three to 15 minutes sharing chairlifts with people you may or may not know. It’s enough time to get to know someone a little bit, or have a brief conversation about snow conditions, ...

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mike northstar peak

Considering Gratitude

Mike and I arrived at Lincoln Falls to see a dozen people spread across the base of the routes, and decided to go a couple valleys over to see if another ice climb was in. We grabbed our packs and hiked a couple ...

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el cap featured

Jokes, Brought To You By El Capitan

El Capitan is famous for being the largest granite monolith in the world, which men and women have flung themselves at for 70 years in the name of human acheivement. But did you know that El Cap is also one funny son of ...

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How To Be A Writer: One Story

Every few weeks, I get an e-mail or a Facebook message from someone who has a few questions about writing: how to get their foot in the door, what it’s like to do it for a living, how to be self-sufficient. I thought ...

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Introducing The ‘Heavy Backpack Workout’

You’ve tried everything to get in shape: the Shake Weight, BowFlex, FlexBelt, 8 Minute Abs, NordicTrack, P90X (or maybe P12X), Total Gym—and still, you somehow don’t have an ass that people can bounce quarters off. What gives? Maybe you’re not eating right. Maybe ...

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Notes From A #VanLife

One Saturday last May, I slid a key into the lock on a scrappy little apartment 80 feet off Denver’s noisy Colfax Avenue. We carried our stuff in and made piles, and flopped a mattress onto the bedroom floor. In bed that night, ...

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wash your hands featured

How To Exit A Bathroom (Mostly) Germ-Free

You will probably not get ebola from touching a public restroom door handle. But if you touch a restroom door handle with your bare hands, you might have a lot to think about when you’re eating a grilled cheese sandwich later: streptococcus, staphylococcus, ...

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selfie stick

The Selfie Stick And The Game Of Life

One day last August at a popular tourist destination, I noticed as a guy walked around for several minutes with a selfie stick, stopping to click off photos of himself from several different angles with the surrounding mountains in the background. A few ...

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