Skiing: A Bumpy Love Story

I leaned on my poles at the intersection of Why Not and Vagabond, green and blue runs, respectively, low on the mountain at Steamboat. I mentioned to my dad that he could probably handle going down the blue, and he declined. I saw ...

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adventure partner

How To Be A Terrible Adventure Partner

Sometimes, when you invite a new friend out skiing, biking, climbing, or backpacking, it goes really well. But maybe, during the course of the day or trip, you get the feeling you’d like to not ski or bike or climb or hike with ...

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obama dawn wall

The Dawn Wall And The Idea of ‘Wasting Time’

A week ago, two guys finished climbing an astronomically difficult 3,000-foot route on El Capitan as the world kept up via seemingly every mainstream news source: CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Sports Illustrated, and all of the major news networks. Climbers ...

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young eddie vmas

Thanks, Eddie Vedder

Eddie Vedder turned 50 the day before Christmas Eve, as musicians and regular folks often do, and I was astonished for just a second that one of the rock and roll gods of my youth, the voice of my teenage angst, is now ...

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two guys talking1

In Praise Of The Real Conversation

I scrolled through my iPhone photos from the past year and found a couple shots of these two guys I don’t know, sitting at a table out in front of a Denver coffee shop, just talking to each other. I couldn’t say exactly ...

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Happy Holidays

Hopefully you’re enjoying some time off right now due to one of our many end-of-year holidays, spending time with people you like/love/can tolerate for a few days, and eating way too much of things you will regret next week, or immediately. If you’re in ...

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11 Ways To Make That Chairlift Ride Awkward

Ski season is here, and you’ll be spending anywhere from three to 15 minutes sharing chairlifts with people you may or may not know. It’s enough time to get to know someone a little bit, or have a brief conversation about snow conditions, ...

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mike northstar peak

Considering Gratitude

Mike and I arrived at Lincoln Falls to see a dozen people spread across the base of the routes, and decided to go a couple valleys over to see if another ice climb was in. We grabbed our packs and hiked a couple ...

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