best backpack

The Best Backpack For You

If you walk any distance over one mile in the out-of-doors, you should think about getting a backpack. Sure, cargo pants, fanny packs, and khaki vests with a bajillion pockets are attractive and plenty effective at carrying up to 15 pounds of essentials, ...

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too much stuff

The Three Laws Of Stuff Dynamics

Do you have trouble fitting that last item in your backpack, or struggle to hang a piece of clothing in a closet between all the other clothes, or otherwise struggle to find places for all your stuff? Relax. It’s not you, it’s science.* ...

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The Lost Art Of Dreaming Over Maps

I was talking to my friend Mark about mountain biking a while back when he mentioned linking together a bunch of shorter trails around the town of Golden: You start at my office, go up South Table Mountain, over to North Table Mountain, ...

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Chris Sharma poses for a portrait in the Basecamp at Cave Majlis Al Chinn, Oman on February 22nd, 2014 // Klaus Fengler/Red Bull Content Pool // P-20140311-00103 // Usage for editorial use only // Please go to for further information. //

‘Hey Girl’ Memes For Outdoorsy Women

(Chris Sharma photo by Klaus Fengler/ Ladies: Have you enjoyed Ryan Gosling’s “Hey Girl” meme, but wish there were something a bit more … relatable? Well, wait no longer. If you love the outdoors, there’s a small chance you might love these memes, ...

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Don’t Focus On The Dog Shit

In the span of a few minutes yesterday morning, I read about a shotgun-wielding man threatening a neighbor teaching his daughter to ride her bike, watched a GoPro video from a mountain biker in Cape Town getting robbed at gunpoint on a trail ...

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Hiking Is Cool

Do you ever think hiking doesn’t get much respect anymore? Wait, better question: Remember that hiking film that showed at the Banff Mountain Film Festival, then went viral after all the magazines shared it on Facebook? Me neither. But hell, a couple weekends ...

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food marathon featured

Surviving a 4K (4,000-Calorie) Run

When Forest and I had discussed the rules at a coffee shop in Brooklyn three days earlier, I had said, “I think vomiting is allowed.” “I think vomiting is advised,” he said. I wonder how many bad ideas start with two grown men ...

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off the couch

Are You Coming Off The Couch?

Do you ever say “yes” to a bike ride, day of climbing, run, ski day, or other outdoor activity, and immediately after, notify your friend that you are “coming off the couch”? Do you think you’re alone? Don’t. It’s a fact that 95 ...

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Tough As A Mother

My mom threw up at the climbing gym, just after I lowered her from the top of a route. She came out of the women’s restroom a couple minutes later, swearing she felt better, saying it must have been something she ate. Then ...

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