yeah grand canyon

The World Needs Dreamers, Too

I have known my friend Jayson for 15 years—that’s him on my back in this photo—from when we were young and foolish until now when we are much less young but only slightly less foolish. He is dyslexic and grew up in a ...

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carl hot sauce

Hot Sauce Is Appropriate For Your Situation

Hey, have you ever caught yourself saying to someone, “I put hot sauce on everything,” as if you need to apologize or explain it? Why do you think you do this? Do you feel self-conscious about your love of hot sauce? Like maybe ...

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yay bikes

11 Truths About Riding Bicycles

Did you know you don’t have to wear lycra to ride a bicycle? That’s right. You can if you want to, and lots of people do, but it’s not a requirement. If you are a parent, you may have taught your son or ...

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pitt bonks

Review: The Buffet of Buffets

We were just wrapping up our fourth buffet of the day when the guy came over and asked Pitt if he was OK. Pitt, sometime after his thirteenth plate of food in about 10 hours, was having a rather obvious dip in morale: ...

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skinning loveland 2

Dear Loveland Ski Area:

A few months ago, I walked into your season pass office and filled out a form to get an Uphill Access Pass. You charged me $0 for it, didn’t require that I also purchase a season pass—just gave me a little red card ...

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Another Partly-Irish St. Patrick’s Day

I made a phone call to my grandmother every March 17th for a decade and a half, always saying Happy St. Patrick’s Day first and second making a joke about how neither of us were going to get drunk, or even drink a ...

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confluence 1

A Postcard From The Confluence

I am sitting at the confluence of the Colorado and Little Colorado rivers at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, wondering how to explain this place to someone who has never been here. How two rivers glide into each other at this point ...

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