8,037 days

For a very long time now, I have tried to send my friend Dave a text on March 3rd each year to thank him for putting the title of his car up to bail me out of jail on March 2, 2002.

Because March 3, 2002 was my first sober day in a streak of sober days that’s still going, but …


… it’s been so many years now that I forget, and occasionally my friend Jayson has to remind me.

they tell you at the beginning that it eventually gets easier, which it does, but it definitely took a while for me.

But now it’s so ingrained that I forget about it, unless someone says, “we should grab a beer sometime,” and then I remember.sixty meters to anywhere book

I wrote in this book that “plenty of recovering addicts who have stayed sober long enough will tell you, ‘If I hadn’t quit, I’d be dead or in jail.”’

And then I wrote something else following that paragraph, which is the ending of the book, which I still believe.

But I also told Hilary yesterday that I’m glad I quit, because it’s nice to not be an unaccountable, unreliable, selfish dickhead, which is I think what I’d be.