Friday Inspiration 408

I don’t know how the YouTube algorithm served this up to me, but this film about these two guys tackling a 9,000-foot SIDEWAYS climbing route has such a fantastic vibe all the way through. (video)

screen capture from The Long Wall - The World’s Longest Rock Climb

There are so many good lines in this piece about going to meet the pope, but here: “Afterwards he takes us out to dinner, where I somehow, and to his grave disappointment (he had recommended the pasta), order the deepest salad in the world. There is literally no bottom to it, like mercy.” (via

I love Arthur Brooks’ column for The Atlantic because he has such an interesting and positive-leaning way of looking at life, and of course this column is no different: Four Ways To Be Grateful—And Happier

As I was watching this short video portrait of a couple’s life on Bruny, a small island off the coast of Tasmania, I kept thinking how similar their island life is to life in a small town, pre-automobile, or pre-everyone-owning-a-car.

In The Office Auto-Reply Emails For A Hybrid Work Schedule

I really enjoy well-written jokes taking the piss with grindset culture/people claiming that working 20 hours a day is the path to enlightenment, and this is one of them 

AND: If you are shopping for the holidays: There are still a few 2024 Semi-Rad Dog Calendars left (for people who like dogs), and a few 2024 Grand Canyon Groovers Calendars left (for people who like, um, photos of toilets in beautiful places?) as of this week (but orders must be in by Dec. 8th!):

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