Friday Inspiration 406

What I love about this short film: It’s not complicated or flashy, and its subject, May Lilaonitkul, has so many great observations about how riding a bike in a city can change your relationship with the city (video)

screen capture from Switching Lanes


The internet is great because how many days have you ever been drinking your morning coffee and say to yourself, “You know what the world needs right now? Someone to do a deep dive on Cheez-Its.” Yet, it happens, and you and I get to read it.

From my friend Ed Roberson’s Good News From The American West newsletter: Humans taking inspiration (ok and also actual tactics) from beavers, in order to fight wildfires and restore wetlands.

I really enjoyed this conversation between Derek Thompson and Morgan Housel, partly about Housel’s new book about ancient truths (or things that have worked for a very long time as opposed to new hype), but my favorite part was the lsat ~5 minutes or so when they discuss podcasting vs. writing and how those things live on in the memory of the listener/reader. (podcast)

I have been looping Charley Crockett’s Live From the Ryman album lately, and I went back to YouTube to find that the video of the entire concert has been made private (massive despair!), but then I found this “infomercial” for the album on his channel, and I am pleased to report that the attention to detail is outstanding, including the fuzz/hiss of the audio.

Sometimes I’m a little hesitant to share stuff that might only appeal to people of a certain age (like, roughly as old as me, give or take 5-7 years on either side), but sometimes, the nostalgia or whatever it is I feel when I see something is so strong that I just decide, You know what, this is for the people who will get it, and not everyone’s going to get it, and that’s fine. So please enjoy this deep dive into gadget catalogs of the 1970s and 80s. (via

This is a really interesting (but long) read about how writers actually make money. But the comments at the end of the story are really interesting too (especially the two independent fiction authors)

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