Friday Inspiration 404

I’m also familiar with this mega-classic way of ending a story, but what the filmmaker does with it in 64 seconds is really something. (video).

screen capture from FOUND FIVE DOLLARS


I don’t know if Threads is the new Twitter, but I am so glad people have started creating and posting things like this thread about the color theory of It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

The New York Times basically does not allow curse words in its publication, but an article about The Secret Power of Swearing? I would expect it to be no less thoughtful than this. Indeed, why do we put an asterisk in “f*ck” when we know everyone reading it knows exactly what we mean?

I don’t know how you get Pico Iyer to write a piece on your Substack (I guess working in Writer Partnerships at Substack might help), but I am glad Dan Stone did just that, for this wonderful essay about Pico Iyer’s father.

“I’m devouring books again. It feels good. I feel like I’ve found a lost part of my life. And I feel so much more intellectually stimulated. Books have nuance. They offer wisdom. Social media offers shouting and the flattening of complex issues in patronizing and filthy ways.”
—Emily F. Gorcenski, How I Read 40 Books and Extinguished the World on Fire (via

This week in “Ah, social media is awful for us, everything about it is terrible, look what we’re doing to ourselves—wait, hold on, there’s some good stuff too”: This lady teaching people how to park via TikTok.

Blink-182 announced its new tour dates with a clip of them playing inside a Denny’s, and sadly, none of the announced show dates appear to be at a Denny’s. But perhaps that means they’ll do some impromptu shows at Denny’ses along the way? Because that would be legendary.

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