Friday Inspiration 402

My thoughts while watching this video (cleverly titled “This Man Drives A Burger To Work”) went something like “wow, this guy makes drivable sculptures,” to “wow, he’s made more than 700 of them,” to “these are AMAZING,” to “WAIT, HE HAS A FULL-TIME DAY JOB!?!?!?!?” (video)


screen capture from This Man Drives A Burger To Work


I have no comment on this list of Martin Scorsese’s 81 Greatest Movie Characters, Ranked, but damn, I am in awe of the amount of work and thought that goes into something like this.

I love the Pudding, and I love that they did this fantastic presentation of how the covers of romance novels have changed over the years. I, also, in the middle of reading it, thought, “Whoa, Fabio—what’s he up to these days?” Well, here’s a bit from the Wikipedia entry for Fabio: “In 2021 [when he was 62 years old], Fabio said he was retired and hoping to marry and have children. He also said he sleeps in a hyperbaric chamber because he believes it reverses aging. He described his potential partner to People the same year: Someone with a beautiful soul, great sense of humor…I want a woman that can do sports and can be a little bit tomboy.” Also, if you were wondering, they do still make I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.

Among the many great thoughts in this piece “Becoming who you are,” by Oliver Burkeman: “when I hit a serious writing obstacle, I’ll usually eventually realise it’s because what I was trying to say didn’t feel honest.”

OK, what if someone took a video of professional tennis players, put a ping pong table in the middle of the court, and edited the entire volley to make it look like they were playing ping pong? I know!

If you’re a new-ish mom, or live with a new-ish mom, or work with a new-ish mom, or just know a new-ish mom, and they have a sense of humor but also went through some shit trying to figure out when and how to go back to work after they had a baby, well, here’s this: [Staying At Home / Going Back To Work] After Having Your Baby Is A Terrible Idea

At the risk of revealing a secret weapon to people who both a) read this newsletter and b) ever come over for dinner at my house, I am going to share this stupid-easy and amazing gnocchi recipe from the New York Times, which will help you impress friends and family members while spending hardly any time in the kitchen.

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