Friday Inspiration 398

“People who are not handy but wish they were handy sometimes ask me how to get started, and I think sewing is a good entry point for working with your hands.”
—Van Neistat, Yes, Sew It Yourself. (video)

screen capture from Yes, sew it yourself

I watched this almost 6-minute video about a couple moving in together and realizing they have very different attitudes toward washing dishes, and it is definitely relatable content, and similar but much more subtle than this Bill Burr bit about the exact same aspect of romantic relationships.

I tend to include a lot of Ross Gay content in this newsletter, and if you’re sick of hearing about him, I’m sorry (OK I’m actually not sorry), but for those of you who also love Ross Gay, please enjoy this link to Ross Gay Answers the Orion Questionnaire, courtesy of my wife, Hilary.

“If you wanted to invent the most effective kind of climate management technology from the ground up, you could spend a lot of time trying to do that. You would just engineer a tree.” —Brian Stone Jr., director of the Urban Climate Lab at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

For Just Forty Hours A Week Of Intense Work Outside Your Full-Time Job, You Too Can Make Passive Income

I did not know about this when it came out, but I love zines/self-publishing, I love cooking, and I love people talking about mental health, so upon reading this interview, did I order a copy of Sonali Menezes’s Depression Cooking, including the very expensive shipping from Canada? Yes I did. (Here’s a link where you can order the actual zine.)

I appreciate this whole situation of a museum loaning an artist $76,000 to recreate a couple pieces of art, then him delivering two blank canvases titled “Take the Money and Run,” and then them taking him to court, and the court ordering him to pay the money back. And then him arguing that not paying the museum back is part of the art. They’re like, “You owe us a shitload of money,” and he’s like, “Man, you just don’t understand art.”

As a person who is pretty inept at frying eggs but is also on a lifelong quest to get better at it, I find this very short video of someone flipping FOUR EGGS at once without using a spatula to essentially be my Stairway to Heaven.