Friday Inspiration 372

This week’s video is actually from ME: I’ve been making more YouTube videos over the past few months, mostly about creativity, but some about outdoor stuff. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel here—or if you’d like to see the videos early, join my Patreon, where I put a lot more good (members-only) stuff.

screen capture from How Do Books Make Money


Claude Monet’s Water Lilies triptych, but with 650,000 Lego bricks, and 50 feet long, brought to you by Ai Weiwei

Save this for when you have enough time to read a 4,000-word piece about self-acceptance, but also a love story, and Glacier National Park, figuring out where you belong, and, well, here: “I began, if not to turn away from the mythical notion of a man to “complete” me, to accept that there was no love out there for me. I chose mountains instead.”

I get a brief mention in this piece (because of a restaurant recommendation), so maybe I’m not that objective, but I really think the running world could use more race reports like Nick Triolo’s story from the Rock ’N’ Roll Half Marathon in Las Vegas.

Super-interesting article about a study that shows how you think about exercise (and whether or not you think you’re “active”) can actually impact your health. I also didn’t know about the 2007 study of hotel-room attendants mentioned a ways down in the article, and that really drives home what’s going on here.

My friend Mark made this fun short film about e-bikes and e-scooters and how they’re evolving transportation—watching it, I had to ask him if I was crazy to think I’d seen restaurant delivery folks riding e-bikes around Manhattan as early as 2012.

If you have ever listened to Ed Roberson’s Mountain & Prairie podcast, you have probably been moderately to severely charmed and will might also be tempted to spend a few days floating the Green River with him this September during his Place, Power, and Purpose workshop.