Friday Inspiration 371

I knew that Brad Pitt eats in a lot of movies, but I honestly didn’t expect this amount of research in a short film about Brad Pitt’s eating in movies. (video)

screen capture from Why Brad Pitt's Eating Matters

This is a fun little snippet, watching Paul McCartney noodle on the guitar and basically freestyle lyrics until he comes up with “Get Back,” in front of the rest of the Beatles

A ten-year-old wrote a musical piece in pencil, her mom got on social media to ask if it could actually be played, and the internet did that thing where it makes you feel good to be a human being (thanks, Anna)

Why do so many action movie stars have names that start with J? (thanks, Glen)

One of the best things about Ted Lasso, in my opinion, is that we get to know who Brett Goldstein is now

Damn this is a good essay about buying used things from strangers (thanks, Keriann)

“MARK ANTONY: Friends, Romans, co-workers, lend me your ears! It is once again time to enter the senate office pool for the annual Tournament of Gladiators. Sixty-eight teams from around the empire will compete, single-elimination (losers die) for the coveted City-State Championship Trophy. There are many exciting matchups to keep an eye on this year. Will the number VII seed Spartans go all the way, or will the number X seed Trojans be the tournament spoilers? Only time will tell…”