Friday Inspiration 369

Some quick news about my online shop:
(TLDR: some of the t-shirt designs and products will be going away after this weekend)
I’m totally re-doing my online shop, which is going to be good news for many reasons. The bad news is it’s going to shut down for a while, and when it comes back, some of the stuff in it won’t be coming back. Long story, but ALL the t-shirts will be going away temporarily after this weekend (and some will go away forever), so if you’d like one, order it before 8 p.m. MST this Sunday night (March 5). The new shop will probably take a couple months to put together, but I promise it will be great.

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The craziest thing about this film is not that Kaytlyn Gerbin and Jenny Abegg dreamed up this adventure and pulled it off on their first attempt, or that they both look like they’re not even tired, let alone near death, at the end of it, or the mind-blowing scenery—it’s that they make it look so goddamn easy the entire time. They explain it a little bit in the film, but I think they’re still vastly understating the magnitude of the whole thing. Anyway, holy shit. (video)

screen capture from The High Route


I’m sure there are plenty of studies saying coffee is not exactly that good for you, but as an addict, I choose to not seek them out, and instead focus on the studies that say coffee is good for you, and also articles by esteemed writers like Arthur C. Brooks, who, writing for the esteemed publication The Atlantic, penned many words about coffee, including this sequence of words: “To get to what really matters, though: Coffee makes you happy.”

Last week, I didn’t even know that “I didn’t come here to fuck spiders” was an Australian saying, which is funny in itself, but this joke about the saying makes it even funnier, and now I have my Australian friend Luc to thank for both of these things

I have not seen Sarah Polley’s new movie, Women Talking, yet, but this conversation she had with Marc Maron, in which they spend a solid chunk of time talking about her 2012 film Stories We Tell (but also talking about other things), reminded me how much I love that movie, and the way she thinks about art.

I was talking to a friend the other day about how few men, it seems, have achieved massive creative success without being dickheads, and, exaggerating a little, I said, “All we have is Tom Hanks, Keanu Reeves, and Dave Grohl.” Whether I am correct in that or not, Dave Grohl continues to keep me believing he is a good guy, especially when he takes his smoker down to a shelter in Los Angeles and cooks for 16 hours to help people during last weekend’s snowstorm.

I was just trying to get Microsoft Word to share a document between my laptop and iPad the other day (without paying for Microsoft 365 or whatever, come on, I paid for Office already didn’t I?) kind of tearing my hair out in frustration, and Hilary showed me a screenshot of this joke about Word, which is from 2021, but honestly feels like it would probably have worked in 2000, and maybe until 2030?

A great quick read about hiring a professional organizer, except, plot twist

Outside is doing this new podcast called The Daily Rally and my friend Paddy O’Connell interviewed me for an episode of it that came out yesterday, and they somehow edited stuff I said into something coherent. Some things I said included:

  • “My brain just shuts off for a long time.”
  • “I grew up in a bunch of small towns in Iowa.”
  • “My passion is not relaxing. I like to do things.”
  • “I thought, Man, this would be a really great spot for an ax murderer to come flying out of the trees and kill me, like in a Friday the 13th movie or something like that.”
  • “duh, duh, duh”
  • “Objectively, I’m always doing poorly. I’m not winning any of these races.”
  • “If you finish, you tell yourself a story that you’re successful for some reason. And if you don’t finish, you tell yourself another story that there were a lot of positive things that happened, or you found out what you wanted to find out.”

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