Friday Inspiration 366

You can be told that the confetti that falls on Times Square every New Year’s Eve is dropped “by hand,” but trust me, watching this video will blow your mind and have you cackling with delight when you actually see how it’s done. (video)(Thanks, Melissa)

“It’s as if I won a billion dollars in a lottery and 39 years later someone won two billion dollars. How would I feel? Grateful that I won and happy that the next person also won. His winning in no way affects my winning.”
Kareem Abdul Jabbar on LeBron James breaking his career NBA scoring record

Some big, lifelong goal news from me: I collaborated with the folks at my favorite local coffee roaster, Black Coffee Roasting, to make a limited edition coffee called Dark Humor Roast. You can grab a bag at the Black Coffee website.

It’s now officially Hell, Norway

I have not read any of Colleen Hoover’s books yet, but I think the story of how she became an author—ahem, New York Times bestselling author who has sold 20 million-plus books—makes her a hero.

I’m not saying I watched all two hours of this video of a cabin scene made entirely of LEGO blocks, but I am definitely into it. 

I guess the title of this series I write every week is called “Friday Inspiration,” and I don’t know if this is truly inspiring, because it’s an explainer video about the history and economics of all-you-can-eat buffets, but I guess maybe the inspiration angle here is that they do address whether or not you can actually out-eat an all-you-can-eat buffet, or “get your money’s worth.”

Who is the GOAT? Jordan, LeBron, or Pythagoras?