Friday Inspiration 363

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Has anyone ever made a mountain bike video starring a human rider and an extremely stoked dog who runs along with the human rider? Yes. Do these types of videos ever get old? No. (video)

screen capture from Orbea Bikes - Riding with your Best Friend

A question you may not have been pondering since 2008, but that my friend Kris Hampton has: Is Lil Wayne a polar bear expert?

This is such a wonderful use of drone photography: capturing facades of historic skyscrapers (thanks, Julia)

The years-long and complicated saga of De La Soul’s music not being available on streaming services is about to come to an end on March 3 and I am very excited

As noted by Jason Kottke, the part of this video in which workers paint the manhole covers (@ 12:10) is maybe the most satisfying, although if you want to watch the whole thing, I am certainly not here to tell you how to live your life

A lesson from this interview with Daniel Vangarde, father of Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter: Don’t make music your dad likes (thanks, Anna)

I am 100% sure I will find a way to mention this Reductress headline in conversation with a friend sometime in the next 10-14 days

If you enjoyed last week’s sketch “What Went Wrong On My Run Today?” I reformatted it to make it a print in my shop, available in framed and unframed versions. Side note: In the first version, I somehow spelled “villain” wrong, and thankfully someone caught it, but not before I had sold three prints last weekend. Anyway, it’s corrected now. 

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