Friday Inspiration 362

If you need an introduction to the work of Fred again.., I think this is as good as anything. Also, it’s just a nice vibe, with the mellow keyboards, the bird noise, and the grey London sky. (video)

This guy has catalogued every pizza slice he’s eaten in New York since 2014, and I appreciate it that I have friends who think of me when they discover things like this (so thanks, Mario)

If you have ever wondered what the difference is between dijon mustard and yellow mustard, and never Googled it to find out, but instead just told yourself, “I subscribe to Brendan Leonard’s Friday Inspiration newsletter—I’m sure he’ll eventually look it up and provide a link to a very short but informative article answering that very question,” well, today’s the day.

There is so much good writing and reporting in this New York Times Magazine piece about the creative partnership between Kendrick Lamar, who you may have heard of, and Dave Free, who you may not have heard of (thanks, Bodie)

“It turns out that, while some other law professors have noticed 99 Problems, no one has yet provided a detailed, accurate analysis of the Fourth Amendment issues Verse 2 raises. In this Essay, I remedy that deficiency in the literature. This is, after all, one of the most popular songs of the last decade, and we should seize the opportunity to use it in our teaching. My audience, accordingly, is primarily teachers and students of criminal procedure, but I hope that my comments may be of some interest to cops and perps as well. “ (via [also see Footnote 91: “JAY-Z, supra note 3, at 61 (“In this verse, the bitch is a female dog, the K-9 cop coming to sniff the ride.”); Id. at 56 (“At no point in the song am I talking about a girl.”).”]

So I bought Micah Cash’s book Waffle House Vistas when it came out a few years ago, because a book made up of photos taken from Waffle House booths is exactly up my alley, and now there’s a second edition, which looks even better. I am not sure it’s necessary for me to own both, but you might be interested in the new one, so here you go.

U.S. Congressman Robert Garcia was sworn in last Saturday with his hand not on a bible, but on the first issue of the Superman comic book from 1939, which he borrowed from the Library of Congress

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