“Why is Tom Cruise running such a part of the social zeitgeist?” You know, I’m glad someone asked this question, and then answered it. (video)

screen capture from Why Tom Cruise's Run Matters

Scientific American: The Best New Year’s Resolution Might Be to Just Let Go of an Unfulfilled Life Goal

Ross Bryant deserves to be famous for his ability to improvise a Shakespearean commercial for a made-up McDonald’s breakfast sandwich, which you may enjoy by clicking here

I believe that, irrespective of your actual interest in a) baseball or the b) the handsomeness of men, you will probably find the writing in the tenth annual installment of “Baseball’s Most Handsome Managers entertaining, at the very least

Well this is a great essay about the human tendency for us to create our “own thriving microcosms of sycophants.” (thanks, Alex)

I loved Audrey Sutherland’s book Paddling My Own Canoe, and I have her book Paddling North in my current to-read stack, and if you haven’t heard of her, this profile by Jeff Moag is a great place to start.

I generally love all the stuff The Pudding puts out, and, as is typical of their stuff, this piece on “the mathematical oddity that enables the super rich” was such a great way to illustrate a concept.


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