Maybe it’s because these two ladies are so laid back in their narration of their trip, or maybe it’s the terrain and scenery along the Arctic Post Road, or maybe it’s because they didn’t set this up as some sort of epic adventure, but this bikepacking film felt really inspiring, and at the same time very accessible (video)

Nobody told me arroz con Coca-Cola was a thing, but I have been thoroughly educated by this article, and look forward to cooking it sometime in the very near future

This is a long read, but a wonderfully reported and written story about “Wyoming’s most beloved cross-dresser,” Larry “Sissy” Goodwin, and how his widow and a playwright went on tour around Wyoming in 2022 to share a play about Sissy’s life. 

When “They Died Doing What They Loved” Was Unfortunately True

I can’t remember when I started subscribing to Iowa journalist Lyz Lenz’s newsletter, but it was recently enough that I didn’t realize that she’s a runner. I loved this latest installment, “Running Through 2022,” for many reasons, one of which was the ending, and another this excerpt: “My feelings of safety running in streets have always been unsteady. I’ve had cars almost hit me pulling out of parking lots. Men leaning out of cars have screamed things like “bitch” and “cunt” and “cow” and “marry me.” Which is truly the perfect encapsulation of misogyny.”

Comedian Ashley Ray is one of the heroes of her essay, “When humor becomes armor,” and one of the other heroes is her grandmother, for what she yelled in the middle of the pastor’s sermon at the funeral for Ashley’s father.

I would love to see Richard Marsh’s one-man London theater show recreating “Die Hard” (thanks, Syd)
(P.S. here’s the trailer)