If you have ever tried to do something creative and quit, or tried to do something creative and finished it, I highly recommend this short film. I personally have found myself in just about every spot Van Neistat maps on the Artist Resentment & Gratitude Diagram© (video)

My friend Sanjay edited this beautiful book of Sri Chinmoy photos, writings, and journal entries about running, marathons, and ultramarathons, and am eagerly awaiting my copy in the mail now, just rubbing my hands together standing out in the cold and snow next to my mailbox

I love this particular TikTok for a lot of reasons, but maybe primarily because I think dark humor is a wonderful way of dealing with sad things and fucked-up situations, and this knocks it out of the park

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I guess used outdoor gear is officially a big deal, as the New York Times did a story on it

I kind of wish Matt Little, the guy who filmed the famous Pizza Rat video in 2015, had mentioned one or two actual numbers in this article about how the video affected his life, career, and finances, but I get why he didn’t, and it’s still fun to read about how it came about and is still making him money

If you remember the famous Jamiroquai video for “Virtual Insanity,” in which the floor moves around as Jay Kay sings and dances, you might be interested in how it was made, and that [SPOILER ALERT] it is not actually the floor that’s moving (video)

I don’t think you have to have the Apple News app to read or listen to this Vox story on “The Very Serious Science of Humor,” but I searched all over the internet and couldn’t find it anywhere else (maybe they put it on Apple News only, or only for the first few days/weeks?). I found it really interesting, including the Humor Styles Questionnaire—which I took, and scored in the 87th percentile for “Self-defeating humor.” I will now resist the urge to make a self-defeating joke about my aptitude for self-defeating humor.