Friday Inspiration 355

This is such a cool idea for an exhibition (which happened in Brooklyn earlier this month) and a short film, which you can watch now: The security guards who protect famous museum art, and who are also artists themselves. (video)

I had listened to Samantha Irby’s most recent book, Wow, No Thank You, a couple years ago, and I finally got around to starting her first bestseller, We Are Never Meeting In Real Life, while doing some painting this week. And I can say the first essay in it, My Bachelorette Application, is one of the funniest things I’ve read/listened to in a long time.

I typically love Arthur Brooks’ “How to Build a Life” column, and this week’s, in which he addresses why we binge as a form of celebrating, and whether or not it’s actually that bad for us, was another reminder why.

As they say, I feel personally attacked by this one: Man Who Saves Old Running Shoes for Yard Work and Stuff Has 18 Pairs of Shoes for Yard Work and Stuff

I guess I don’t typically share recipes in this newsletter, but I made this one last Friday and it was fantastic and easy, and I am so excited that I found yet another way to incorporate kimchi in my diet

These animal sculptures are incredible, but especially the polar bear

At the end of yesterday’s Hanksgiving festivities at our house, my friend Jayson asked, “I wonder how many movies Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks have done together?” The answer is: five. And here’s the list, ranked by IMDB rating. (We watched The Terminal and Bridge of Spies)


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