Friday Inspiration 352

I have had precious little time to sit in front of a television over the past few months, but Hilary and I did find some time to make our way through The Bear, which we both loved. If you’ve seen it, or heard about it, you might enjoy this analysis of why it works so well. Also: I just love that this kind of content exists on the internet, that some guy can make a video that takes the rest of us to film school for 15 minutes. (video)

“[Street photographer] Lev Rukhin drives around Los Angeles with a giant strobe attached to the roof of his Volvo, and when he passes a scene he deems notable, he takes the shot out the passenger-side window.

I am comfortable saying that these all-black LEGO sculptures are objectively incredible

I have been buying Brockbeats’ cassettes for years, and I still have no idea who they are. All I know is they make great, chill music, they live in Japan. And they have a new album out this week.

David Roche wrote a great piece for Trail Runner about his wife [and national champion trail runner and coach] Megan’s autoimmune condition, and the birth of their child. And about bad-but-good chicken tenders.

County in New York holds contest to create new “I Voted” stickers, 14-year-old creates awesome design, internet votes, kid wins, stickers get made and they are GLORIOUS

This is not really “inspirational” in any sense, but it’s interesting: Garmin put together data from 10,000 people activating the SOS signal on its InReach devices over the past 11 years. It seems like most often we’re not carrying an InReach for ourselves, but the people we’re in the outdoors with.

If you want to know lots of stuff about Spam (which I apparently did?), here you go

I wrote a piece about my longtime relationship with insomnia yesterday, including this illustration: 

illustration of infinite loop of not being able to sleep