Friday Inspiration 351

Warning: There is some [cartoon] violence in this gloriously goofy film about birding (video)

Every time someone puts out a call for Twitter users’ favorite tweets ever and I find it, I also find myself crying laughing within about two minutes

This is a few years old, but I just discovered it, and damn it’s a great piece of writing about bad coffee

There are two types of people in the world: those who will impulse-buy a $45 coffee table book about diners, and those who won’t, or will buy it later. OK, I guess three types of people in the world. If you are the first or third types of people, here is Leah Frances’ fantastic-looking coffee table book about diners, Lunch Poems, which I impulse bought this week and am eagerly awaiting while rubbing my hands together. 

OK I love everything about Taco Bell Quarterly, “the literary magazine for the Taco Bell Arts and Letters.”

This is my first time reading Terrell Johnson’s Substack, but I think this piece, What I’ve learned about parenting from running, is worth a read whether or not you are a parent, or a runner

A great metaphor and also quite a performance of said metaphor, I must say

I’m not saying my new 15-Second Recipes book is selling out before the holiday shopping season begins, but we have sold almost 500 copies in the first couple weeks, so if you have someone on your list who eats the occasional meal over the kitchen sink, you might want to grab a copy sooner rather than later for that person/those people. FYI, it’s not a big book, so shipping is $3.99 total (to United States addresses) for however many copies you order.

15-Second Recipes A Cookbook For Busy People by Brendan Leonard