Friday Inspiration 350

Here’s a beautifully shot short film by Dominic Gill, about riding bikes, and making bikes, and just, you know, all types of bikes. Bikes bikes bikes. (video)

So I follow this Twitter account called Terrible Maps, and after several months of seeing their maps pop up in my feed, I do have to say they are, as promised, quite useless (aside from making me laugh)

This is from 2018, but it’s trending again, as I suppose high school students are applying to colleges right now: My Common App Essay: “Every School Reading This Except Dartmouth Sucks Ass”

I love Reductress, especially because reading one article on the website will enable me to read like 10 other headlines, several of which will make me laugh out loud: Why the Idea I Didn’t Come up With on ‘Shark Tank’ Could Have Been My Idea Had I Come Up With It

These photos of storm waves on Lake Erie are WOW

“an owl has stolen a child’s stick horse and is flying around the neighborhood with it”

You may cast your People’s Choice vote for The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards here

I wrote an essay about AC/DC this week, and my nearly three decades-long relationship with the band’s music, despite never thinking of myself as a fan. My friend Mike called my essay “amazing,” and I’m not the type of person to use superlatives in describing my own work, but I also don’t want to call Mike a liar. So here’s the essay if you’d like to read it, and consider or re-consider your feelings about “You Shook Me All Night Long” or “Thunderstruck.” 

Surely you have already purchased several copies of my new cookbook, 15-Second Recipes, for holiday gifts for your friends and family, because you’re planning ahead and want to give people original, fun gifts instead of gift cards? Well, if you haven’t yet, here’s the link to the shop page where you can purchase one or more copies.

15-Second Recipes A Cookbook For Busy People by Brendan Leonard