Friday Inspiration 348

Just a lovely 4-minute tour of the urban/wild interface of San Francisco, with no narration but fantastic audio of the footsteps of runners exploring the city (video) (Thanks, Mario)

I love Rolando Pujol’s Instagram account, which is pure photography, history, and nostalgia from roadside America, and now he has a Substack. The first installment is the (only?) comprehensive list of old-school Pizza Huts in the U.S. It’s one of those things that I don’t know if I’ll ever use, but it makes me glad someone is out there putting it together. (Also, here’s Rolando’s Instagram)

If you are tired of your iPhone autocorrecting the f-word to “duck,” here you go

This is how you write a joke for Twitter

I had forgotten about Crazy Town’s 2001 single “Butterfly” for a good couple decades, and I can’t say I missed it, but this piece has some fantastic writing about it, and rap-rock, and the early 2000s

Controversy about a very big TV show maybe stealing this idea aside, this is fantastic (video)(thanks, Devin)

Kelyn Soong reached out to me a few weeks ago about an article he was writing about having a love-hate relationship with running, and I have never felt more qualified for an interview in my life

A headline: Bulbous Inflatable Installations by Steve Messam Interact with Historic Architecture and Landscapes