Friday Inspiration 347

Sure, you’re probably impressed by Eliud Kipchoge’s world record-breaking marathon—but what about the effort of the guy who hands him bottles throughout the race? (video) (Thanks, Rachel)


I found out about this podcast episode via Design Matters, and it’s a fascinating story about how refugees fleeing a Somali city preserved part of the country’s musical history, on cassettes

If you’re in the right age bracket to remember the video for Pearl Jam’s Jeremy, you might be interested in how MTV censorship of one part of the video completely changed the meaning of the song for a whole lot of people

I missed the part where people were slagging on Waffle House, but I love this defense of Waffle House

If Hanif Abdurraqib wrote the ingredients list on the back of a bottle of sunscreen, I would read it, but thankfully, this piece is about watching summer league basketball, and as always, is wonderful

I am not saying The Korean Vegan Cookbook will change your life, but I will say that I have made three dishes in it so far, and each one is deemed by my wife The New, Best Thing You’ve Ever Cooked

How much do you have to fuck around to find out? A graphic analysis (video)

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