Friday Inspiration 343

I originally shared this film back in 2020, not knowing it was only going to be online for a few days because it was being released through film festivals. But now it’s finally online for free, and if you missed it the first time, I think you’ll love it. I honestly was not expecting the emotional journey these two went through, and was kind of unprepared for all the feelings I had at the ending. Which I think is a reflection of the two stars, and also the quality of the filmmaking and storytelling. (video)

If you are at all a fan of Mad Max: Fury Road and you would like a peek behind the scenes of what is one of the most insane, inspiring filmmaking stories of all time, I cannot recommend Kyle Buchanan’s book Blood, Sweat, and Chrome highly enough. I am kind of a wreck this week after staying up late reading it every night because I couldn’t put it down, and there were so many points in the book where I said to myself, “Well THAT explains why that part of the film is so NUTS.” 

If you are having a shitty week, or not having a shitty week, the story of Netty the dog will probably make it better

What Working at a Used Bookstore Taught Me About Literary Rejection

I can’t say I have ever written “this is a great LinkedIn post” before, but you know what, this is a great LinkedIn post

I think this is the first ultrarunning story I’ve ever seen on The Ringer, and fittingly, it’s about Courtney Dauwalter

I am loving this new Thee Sacred Souls album, which sounds like a throwback to 60s/70s soul and is exactly what I need right now (thanks, Jayson)

My Bad Poetry About Condiments series is here, and yes, according to the internet, pickles are a condiment, although according to my friend Tony, their juice should be ingested in reasonable quantities

What is going on in these photos, besides the obvious OSHA violations? It’s part of my current creative process, as I explained in my latest update on Patreon—where I put all kinds of members-only behind-the-scenes content for the lovely people who make these Friday Inspiration posts possible. You can learn more and/or join them here.