Friday Inspiration 341

I may be a little biased, but I really enjoyed this short film about my friends Dan and Janine Patitucci and Kim Strom, and their love of exploring the Alps. (video)


After taking a few weeks [mostly] off of email and social media to start learning how to be a dad, I have found myself thinking a lot about this Anthony Doerr essay from 2008, about his relationship to email. I think it holds up 14 years later, and really captures why we all find ourselves reaching for our phones when we’re bored, or tired, or just breathing. 

As people on the internet have said a thousand times before: We don’t deserve dogs. 

I don’t know how this piece came up in my feed, but if you’d like to read about why Tron is awesome 40 years later, here you go. 

You want to know where the everything bagel came from? So did Doug Mack, and he wrote this great piece about it for you. 

If you have a minute and 38 seconds for this video, great, but I think you’ll be laughing by about the 40-second mark

Here’s the story of why, if you’re eating ketchup, it’s very likely it’s Heinz ketchup