Friday Inspiration 340

A NOTE: I’m going to try to take a few weeks off starting this weekend, as Hilary and I are about to have a baby (or, by the time you read this, might have just had a baby) and will be having our entire world flipped upside-down by an 8-pound human for a while. I’ll post a few updates, baby photos, etc., on Patreon, so if you’re a Patreon supporter, thanks again, as you’re now helping a slightly larger family in addition to keeping all these Friday Inspiration posts, essays, and illustrations going. 

I’ve always wondered how the production of A Take Away Show works, like in this episode of Nick Mulvey playing in a coffee shop, did they just say to people, “Yeah so just act natural while he’s singing,” and did they tell the three people working on laptops to keep them open? Either way, I love his performance of this song. (video)

This Gastro Obscura post about America’s most obscure regional pizza styles is the first time I’ve heard of or seen a photo of Altoona-Style Pizza, and I have to say, I’m curious

The Hidden Cost of Keeping Something Just Because You Feel Guilty Getting Rid of It 

I have for a couple years now been espousing the practice of playing one song on repeat while writing, and in January and February of this year, I typed out a first draft of a book while listening to this one song—and then in March, someone put a 1-hour loop of it on YouTube.

24 Hilarious But Useless Maps No One Asked For (thanks, Jake)

This video is not exactly new but: “These ‘Beach Animals’ were created by Theo Jansen as a fusion of art and engineering. The kinetic structures walk on their own and get all their energy from the wind.”

I am not the target audience for this Hilary Fitzgerald Campbell comic but I hope my sharing it helps it reach more members of the target audience: I’m Bad At Being On My Period