Friday Inspiration 339

Often when I finish the drawings, they annoy me because they’re just too nice. It’s like I’ve spent hours on it but it’s just too well done, so I need to find a way to mess it up and make it into something that I actually like.”
—artist David Fullarton (video)

Ways to Eat a Pack of Ten Hot Dogs and a Pack of Eight Hot-Dog Buns Without Having Any Extra Hot Dogs Left Over

Dakota Jones’s Footprints Running Camp is designed to help motivated people figure out how to address climate change in their communities, and is raising money to fund scholarships with an online silent auction—learn more and/or donate and/or win a wonderful print from Max Romey here. 

I think I’ve mentioned the Fireline podcast here before, but I have been giving it a re-listen as wildfire season takes hold across the West, and am reminded of what a complex—and interesting—topic it is

I was talking to a friend about this tweet the other day, and somehow paraphrased it to something like “instead of focusing on trying to be happy, we should focus on not being unhappy,” which I think is at least kind of parallel to what Adam Grant was saying here? 

I try to not do the same thing here week after week, but Mike Sowden’s newsletter really is great because he just follows his curiosity, and I always end up learning about something I had never heard of, and then I want to call Mike up and ask him exactly how he found out about the thing he wrote about, how he decided to write about it, and how he figured out how to structure it so that I’d just keep reading until the end. 

Proverbs For Introverts