Friday Inspiration 337

“Bikes are so easily wasted. Again and again, people throw their stuff out, when all it really needs is some love and skill—and I find it very satisfying to be able to execute the reviving of people’s dead bikes.”
—Ian Downing, bike mechanic (video)

I have been loving Kevin Morby’s new album, especially the third track, “A Random Act of Kindness,” and I was thinking back to how I first heard of him, and it was this dance video featuring his song “Harlem River,” all the way back in 2015

It is apparently day 457 of @jaythechou Photoshopping Paddington into a movie or TV show and I have just now discovered it

Flash Foxy is branching out from its mega-successful rock climbing events to TrailFest, a brand-new event for “mountain runners and non-runners alike to come together—without racing” and it’s June 24-26 in Mammoth Lakes, California.

“Given that I am getting paid to write about the junkiest of junk drinks, it shouldn’t surprise you that I spend a lot of time in 7-Elevens. I am not peddling schwag or mysterious pills à la Jay and Silent Bob; I am merely a freelance writer who might want a chocolate doughnut and a rib-shaped sandwich at 3:37 AM.”
—Andy O’Connor, A Definitive Ranking of Almost Every Flavor of Mountain Dew (thanks, Delia)

Nike design legend Tinker Hatfield talks about his favorite sneaker designs he’s ever made, including the Air Jordan 11

I’m Taking a Break from Social Media (from 2018)

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A couple drawings I made (I guess one’s actually a poem) this week:

drawing of three people's legs representing "my freedom" as they sit on a bench


handwritten poem - Running - A Story of Transformation