Friday Inspiration 336

screen capture from THE GREATEST BAGEL ON EARTH

I went down a F*ck That’s Delicious rabbit hole this week and decided that of all the videos I watched, I felt like sharing the bagel one, maybe because of lines like “I just feel strong standing in front of this oven” (video)

I’m a big fan of Nico Walker’s book, Cherry, recommended by my friend Devin, who also sent me this essay Walker wrote about wearing suits (and addiction, and incarceration, and losing his mom)

Did you wake up in the night last night wondering how big cargo ships get freed when they run aground and get stuck? If so, have I got the BBC article for you

“Your failures are simply data points that can help lead you to the right answer.”

There is something very satisfying about this short video animated to make it look like kitchen utensils can cut wood

I wrote this week about finally running enough to lose a toenail, and mercifully didn’t include a single photo of a toenail (although I did embed a video of the man with the world’s longest fingernails)

Just going to leave this Princeton professor’s irrefutable case for never closing browser tabs, ever, right here

I have loved McSweeney’s Reviews of New Food for years, and this one did not disappoint: “Why would I meet my hydration needs with the tap when La Croix exists? I, too, like to bitchslap the still waters of life with vibrant flavor. Sparkle it. Make it explode.”


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