Friday Inspiration 333

“There are no rules. There is a foundation, but there are no rules.” 

—Carlos Rodriguez (Mare139), breaking down graffiti in 12 levels of difficulty (video)

If you have seen the TikTok/Instagram/Twitter video of that guy dancing on stage to Here Comes the Hotstepper and/or I’m A Thug, here’s the story behind it, and if you have somehow not seen that video, it’s embedded in the story so you can be mesmerized by it

I’ve been following Rudy Willingham on Instagram for his videos of his cutout portraits for a while but somehow missed the one of Big Bird

I’m a big fan of both Seth Godin and Debbie Millman, and there are gems from both of them in this live conversation between them from a while back (podcast)

Talking Heads Lyrics, Or Words My Kid Strings Together At Bedtime Instead Of Falling Asleep At A Reasonable Hour?

Steven Spielberg realizing something about one of his films, as if he was in a therapy session, but no, he’s on stage, being interviewed

If You Want My Blueberry-Muffin Recipe, You Must Read This Crazy-Long Preamble First (from 2018)