Friday Inspiration 332

screen capture from I ain't new to the rules, I'm a black sheep

I don’t know how this dancer from Korea came up in my feed(s) but I am now a huge fan (video)


(more of yoolwxnder’s videos on Instagram)

(more of yoolwxnder’s videos on TikTok)

Kevin Kelly: 103 Bits Of Advice I Wish I Had Known

this is a fantastic bit of writing and reporting about racing down Nebraska’s Loup River in cattle tanks in the middle of winter, something you very likely didn’t previously know much about

If you are a night owl, I believe you will feel this deep in your soul

Me, to anyone who will listen for the past couple months: Hot Ones is so good this week: Hot Ones is so good

If People Talked To Other Professionals The Way They Talk To Teachers (from 2018)

Professor and author Eric Harvey looks back at the aftermath of the L.A. riots 30 years later, and hip-hop’s role as a form of journalism


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