Friday Inspiration 325

It’s hard to make a film about hiking, especially when the subject of the film averages 21+ miles per day, but I think the folks at Gnarly Bay nailed it telling Lo Phong La Kiatoukaysy’s (aka “Lil’ Buddha) story in this one (video)


I love all of Austin Kleon’s books about creativity, but I particularly love the story about how the first, mega-bestselling one, Steal Like an Artist, got made (10 years ago!)

“I have to emphasize this, you couldn’t order a pizza in the vast majority of Italian restaurants in America prior to 1945. And the reason you couldn’t order a pizza in Italian restaurants is because pizza isn’t Italian.” (thanks, Zak)

There is a ton of interesting writing about music in this New York Times Magazine mega-feature, and I didn’t read it all, but I loved the intro piece about hip-hop by Danyel Smith, and definitely went down some YouTube rabbit holes while reading a bunch of the other pieces.

I wish this traditional torii gate made out of speakers wasn’t temporary, but the fact that it existed for a while in 2016 is pretty rad

Maybe this is too many pizza stories for one week, but Doug Mack diving into the history of square-cut pizza (as in round pizza cut into squares) in this Twitter thread is just lovely, I mean, if you’re mildly obsessed with pizza, anyway

I haven’t dipped into the My Analog Journal videos in a while, but if you’re looking for playlists of all types of music put together by actual humans, who you can actually see dropping records onto turntables during the videos, you might enjoy them—I really dug this one, Records from Sierra Leone with Nadeem Din-Gabisi