Friday Inspiration 324

I might be biased because I have one of Max Romey’s watercolor prints hanging in my studio, but I think this short film about his painting and skiing is a nice little dose of joy (video)

This slo-mo video of dogs running out to play at doggie daycare is great, but how about we put Ride of the Valkyries over the top of it?” 10/10, no notes

Using mosaic tiles to repair sidewalk cracks

I have a bunch of favorite moments in this video, but maybe my favorite of the favorites is when Taylor Hackford is talking to Jamie Foxx about how he figured they would shoot the piano scenes in Ray, and Jamie Foxx had a different idea

Drew Magary, doing what Drew Magary does, which is writing great essays, but this time, about skiing at Big Sky. (thanks, Alex)

“Once upon a time, about 160 years ago, food began to turn blue. It sounds like magic realism but it’s really just science plus capitalism, and when you think about it, that combination is at the root of so many physical-world things that feel like magic realism—self-driving cars, mood rings, Disney’s Imagineered environments, the sitcom “Dinosaurs.’”
—Doug Mack, diving into the history of blue food in this week’s Snack Stack newsletter

The Greatest Grand Canyon Speed Runs, Ranked (Not By Speed)