Friday Inspiration 322

I don’t know if anyone besides John Green could make a 3.5-minute recipe video that’s this entertaining (video)

I don’t know you, and I don’t know what kind of a week you’ve been having, but I bet watching a sheep learning to use someone’s backyard trampoline wouldn’t be the worst use of 33 of your precious seconds. (thanks, Al)

You know, when someone puts the effort into doing the math and actually executes something like catching the International Space Station crossing in front of the moon and getting a clear photo of it, it makes me feel a little, I don’t know, lazy?

I had a hunch: Anxious People Also Get Anxious From Relaxing

This footage of ice climber Leland Nisky hanging onto his tools as an avalanche sweeps over him for two straight minutes is terrifying—thankfully, no ice climbers were harmed in the making of the film (if you can’t see the Instagram video, here’s another link to a version on YouTube)

Brazilian artist Hidreley Diao uses AI to recreate portraits of historical figures as modern-day people and the results are … interesting

OK, take my money: Blood, Sweat & Chrome: The Wild and True Story of Mad Max: Fury Road by Kyle Buchanan