Friday Inspiration 320

Every time a new Candide Thovex edit comes across my radar, I am 100% sure it’s going to be BANANAS, and it always is (video)


I think one of my favorite genres in writing might be called something like “3,000+ Words About A Single Iconic Photo”

If you have ever wondered what it’s like to write and self-publish a book, I strongly suggest reading this post by Blake Boles, who has experience with both traditional publishing and self-publishing and goes deep into the details of self-publishing his most recent book

I love the practice of people saving parking spots they’ve shoveled out after a snowstorm, which is common in many places (maybe even “famous” in South Boston?). This is a fun collection of photos of that phenomenon, and here’s a new Raygun T-shirt capturing the sentiment perfectly.

“Bruce Handy, in his 2017 book about children’s literature, ‘Wild Things,’ confesses that he always imagined the writer Margaret Wise Brown to be a dowdy old lady ‘with an ample lap’—just like the matronly bunny from her classic story ‘Goodnight Moon,’ who whispers ‘hush’ as evening darkens a ‘great green room.'” Hint: She was not.

Please enjoy this real video of a real five-day mountain adventure by two guys with real jobs: Back In The Saddle: Or, An Ascent Of Overcoat Peak By Two Middle-Aged Guys With Cameras

One reason I open Twitter on a regular basis is that Mike Sowden often follows his curiosity and creates these mind-blowing things that take two minutes to read, but keep me thinking about them for the rest of the day.