Friday Inspiration 318

Some weeks, I spend a couple hours trying to find a video for this post, doing the Goldilocks thing where I go, “Ah, that one’s not quite right,” or “I like that, but will anyone else like it?” But then some weeks, like this week, I am pretty confident that the short film I find will produce joy in a very high percentage of people who watch it.  (video)


From the replies to this tweet: “Googled this cynically expecting it to be fake but I am pleasantly surprised to say that it is real!”

Breakfast cereal names, created by an AI

“Casey’s, home of the famous breakfast pizza, was founded in 1968 in Boone, Iowa, as a gas station and convenience store. In 2021, Casey’s was the fifth-largest pizza chain in America.” (Not that my opinion is needed here, but I would like to go on the record and say that Casey’s serves extremely consistent, legitimately tasty pizza, for a gas station, or for a pizza restaurant)

Like everyone I’ve sent this to, I clicked around closing things for far too long before realizing that was the entire joke, but somehow that made me laugh even harder

I have recently been loving listening to Dave Grohl reading his book The Storyteller, and regret that I was, somewhat embarrassingly, not one of the millions of people who knew about this video about his coffee habit when it came out in 2010

This 12-year-old Big Mac is a “Historical Artifact” in Iceland


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