Friday Inspiration 315

If you’ve ever worried that you’ll one day be in a nightmare scenario where you’re at a dinner party and you suddenly realize that you’re the only person there who doesn’t know how baby carrots are made, let me help you out here with this clip I found last week (video)


Please read this list of One Man Cover Band names, and some of the replies, because I think it will make you laugh, possibly to the point of tears, like me, a grown man nearly peeing his pants at the idea of a guy on stage somewhere playing a rendition of Pour Some Sugar On Me under the name Jeff Leppard

I was not aware of how famous this story was when it came out in 2018, but I could not stop reading it, and maybe that’s why Lauren Hough got a book deal out of it

My friend Alex sent this road trip story to me with the words “Helluva good essay (and great photos),” and he is correct. Also the road trip vehicle is a 1973 Ford Pinto.

Of this list of 52 things Jason Kottke learned in 2021 (and that you too can learn by reading his list), I think this one is my favorite: “43. Michael K. Williams choreographed the dancing in the music video for Crystal Waters’ 100% Pure Love.”

I am in the middle of a winter project of watching all the movies in the Fast & Furious franchise, and you might think because of that, this brilliant Twitter joke may have made me laugh a bit more loudly, but I don’t know if that’s true

I’m not saying I have ever received a “bad holiday gift,” but wow this is a great essay about how we see ourselves, how other people see us, and what gifts mean to the giver and the recipient