Friday Inspiration 314

screen capture from Danny MacAskill - Driveway

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Without further ado:

Selected appropriate uses of the Dire Straits song Walk of Life:

  1. background music for the VHS tape of highlights from my 7th grade basketball team, created by Mr. Button
  2. The Walk of Life Project, proving that it is the perfect song to end to any movie
  3. Danny MacAskill’s new film (thanks, Justin)

Honestly the only thing better than Eminem opening a restaurant called “Mom’s Spaghetti” is this photo of Eminem giving someone the finger out the drive thru window of said restaurant

Every single Coen Brothers Movie, Ranked

Of all the “Best ________ of 2021” collections I’ve seen, Atlas Obscura’s Year in Wondrous Photos is my favorite so far

I guarantee you this 92-year-old New Zealand lady is a better surfer than me (thanks, Dave)

I have a hard time arguing with this guy who says this is “the best reveal-pan i’ve ever seen”

This clip is no less wonderful, but slightly more believable, if you know that Ms. Fitz played college basketball at Rutgers


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