Friday Inspiration 313

I am not much of a mountain biker, but, maaaaaaaan this 2-minute edit just feels good (and is also an incredible piece of filming + editing) (video)


I don’t want to say that someone’s funeral brought me joy, but there really is something about this procession of ice cream trucks playing music following a hearse

Sometimes people email me things they think might be a good fit for this newsletter. Sometimes those people are correct, like this time, in which Dave sent me the TikTok account of Jeremy Boyer, the organist for the St. Louis Blues and St. Louis Cardinals, who will probably make you smile with his brief renditions of hip hop classics on a stadium organ. (RIP Biz Markie)

Maybe you don’t need to be reminded of this story of Ndakasi the gorilla, or you don’t need a good cry, or you don’t need to ask yourself “why am I so sad about a gorilla?”, or maybe you do need all those things

A meme about cultural differences in literature, for your consideration

If you like Ted Lasso, and you like Roy Kent on Ted Lasso, you might like Brett Goldstein, the actor and comedian who plays Roy Kent, and you might like his podcast about death and movies, called Films to Be Buried With. If you are looking for an entry point to said podcast, I recommend this interview with Barry Jenkins.

This is my favorite use of Photoshop ever