Friday Inspiration 311

I am a fan of pretty much everything Beau Miles does on YouTube, and he continues to dream up crazy concepts for videos. I saw the title of this one and thought, “How in the hell is he going to plant 1440 trees in 24 hours? Why doesn’t he just do something reasonable, like 24 trees?” But I’m sure he probably considered that, and knew that no one would click on a video about someone doing something reasonable. (video)


Geraldine DeRuiter’s review of this super-bizarre restaurant went viral this week, and I thought it was nuts even before someone else who was with her during the 27-“course” “meal” said on Twitter that she was actually pretty restrained in the retelling of the story. So, as you read it thinking “this is total batshit,” remember that apparently, it was even more batshit than that.

“The exchange would become a precedent on the long-running Food Network show fans know as Triple D: Guy Fieri will simply not say anything negative about the food he eats on the air. Instead, his show elevates enthusiasm into an art form.”’s Bryon Powell reflects on his five-year-long streak of running every day

The Mr. Men/Little Miss books turn 50 this year (also: glad this article brings up a question I have had: Why is there a Mr. Adventure but no Little Miss Adventure?)

Would you like to see some restored POV footage from 1960s San Francisco cable cars? I think you would. (via BoingBoing)

A Nakatomi Employee Ponders: Is This A Christmas Hostage Situation?



PS: I was going to use this as the featured video on this post, but I chickened out at the last minute. But here it is anyway: