Friday Inspiration 309

screen capture from In what time can Kilian Jornet run a Vertical Kilometer? | Salomon TV

What’s funny about the timing of the release of this video of Kilian Jornet attempting to beat the world record in the vertical kilometer is (for those of us in the U.S.) it came out right before Thanksgiving, which is basically the complete opposite of everything in the film, so I watched it and then went and ate a ton of food and did not do a vertical kilometer. (video)


I would listen to just about anyone interviewing Dave Eggers, but Sam Fragoso has done one of the best interviews with him that I’ve heard—it’s just a real conversation, in which Eggers (very appropriately) talks on a flip phone about technology in our lives (podcast)

Please enjoy this 8-second video of someone using a tortoise instead of a scissors for a ribbon cutting at a new university science lab

Know what I like about email newsletters? There’s no algorithm deciding what to show you and what to not show you. Know what I like about ToonStack? It’s a weekly themed collection of single-panel cartoons from some of my favorite cartoonists.

I have definitely said this before, but Dan Sheehan’s NOT A WOLF account is one of the reasons I am still on Twitter

This is very cool: A 2-minute time-lapse of the sun hovering above the horizon as it does a 24-hour lap around the South Pole.

Normally I try to put six links in these Friday posts, but this week, I spent a bajillion hours writing and formatting my list of 20 book recommendations from 2021 (and was up until 12:30 Tuesday night working on it), which is no one’s fault but mine, but anyway, I’m going to rationalize that as a good enough reason to put it as the sixth link in this post.


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