Friday Inspiration 304

It’s been a few years since I’ve watched a La Blogothèque video, but I somehow landed on this one of my favorite Hamilton Leithauser song, and was overjoyed to finally hear the story behind it (video)


OK, I love that this prop exists and has appeared in so many films since the 1970s, but even more, I love that someone put the time and effort into cataloging all the different films it has appeared in. And that the video in this post is only one of three videos in the series, called “The Most Important Device in the Universe.”

So holiday shopping sounds like it’s going to be a bit of a shit show this year, with supply chain issues, shipping delays, et cetera. Here’s a free no-stress idea from me: Get someone in your life a subscription to the quarterly print edition of Adventure Journal for $60. [I am saying this as a subscriber, fan, contributor to the publication, and also as a dear friend of the founders/owners, but also as a person who likes to see wonderful things succeed]

I was previously unaware that there was something called the Epson International Pano Awards, but this is its 12th year, and dammmmmmmmn some of these panoramic photos are great

As a fan of Jon Acuff’s work and general presence in the world, I was honored to be a guest on his podcast, and talk about goals, creativity, running, and other stuff. The best idea put forth in this interview was (not surprisingly) from Jon—that Pizza Hut should create a Book-It! program for adults, in which we receive free pizza as a reward for reading books.

This is not new, but new to me: The Zillow Gone Wild Instagram, where you can see some very *interesting* ideas people have had about what to do with their living space

If you read my post about Wikipedia yesterday, maybe you Googled “Ball’s Pyramid” and went down a rabbit hole. If not, here’s an old web page with photos from the 1965 first ascent of the 1800-foot tall sea stack between Australia and New Zealand. The sea stack itself is pretty bananas, and the climbing of it even more bananas, especially the giant cans of centipede deterrent spray.