Friday Inspiration 301

I wish Mac Miller was around to see this video of his new song, which just kind of feels like this year, in some way (video)


Damn I love the sentiment Austin Kleon writes about here—“don’t be afraid to disappear …”

Thanks to my friend Derik and our two-person long-distance baseball book club, I read this brief but brilliant book about fathers, sons, and baseball last week and can report that it is 100 percent as wonderful as he said it was

Lego versions of iconic album covers

Some selections from Haruki Murakami’s extensive collection of graphic t-shirts, including his “I put ketchup on my ketchup” shirt, which draws a lot of comments from people who “usually have that ‘I love ketchup’ look about them”

“I’m just a lowly seventeenth-century British sailor, not some fancy-pants seventeenth-century British sawbones, but there’s one thing I know for sure: I would rather walk the plank than suck on a single stinking lime. You know what I do trust? My own body to protect me. I’m young and fit, and my childhood rickets has almost entirely cleared up.”
—Kathryn Baecht, Wake Up, Sailors, Scurvy Is A Hoax

Add me to the list of people watching and loving Reservation Dogs (trailer)