Friday Inspiration 296

This is such a well-paced, honest film illustrating the challenges and joy of single motherhood (video)


“One of the most gratifying sounds in sports is the whoosh of a basketball snapping the netting on a perfect swish. Take away the net and all that’s left is the unsatisfying silence of a ball pushing air molecules around as it sails through the rim. Did it even go through? Sometimes it is hard to tell. That’s why Anibal Amador, a 55-year-old former real estate agent from Manhattan, regularly dips into his own pocket to buy brand-new nets for playground rims.

Seinfeld’s iconic apartment is now a Lego set, which you can buy

I have zero experience with Dungeons & Dragons, but I love this idea: “My quest was simple: I’d go hiking and camping for two days carrying all the equipment my [D&D] character carries.

If you have never had the pleasure of reading any of the McSweeney’s Reviews of New Food since they began publishing them, I don’t know, a bajillion years ago, let me recommend this one to get you started

Oreos cunningly packaged as unappetizing brands to deter children and amuse adults

I think this is a pretty entertaining piece of writing about Limp Bizkit, but if Limp Bizkit was/is your favorite band, you may want to skip reading it

I had a great chat with Coach Claire Bartholic about running irrationally long distances on the Run to the Top Podcast last week


flow chart