Friday Inspiration 293

screen capture from NYC! Sound (Back) On

I think even if you don’t live in or have a relationship with New York, this video captures a little bit of what it’s starting to feel like as cities reopen after the pandemic (video)

I’m not saying you have to watch all 13-some minutes of this video in which these guys weld a tandem bicycle to an old Honda Civic hatchback to make a bike-powered car, but the moment at 4:29 when the first passerby cheers for them is pretty fantastic

This is pretty cool: A self-supported Tour de France

Why are heist movies, and specifically Steven Soderbergh’s heist movies, so entertaining?

Victor Cheng is one of my favorite recent-ish Instagram follows, mostly for his beautiful shots of architecture around Hong Kong
(and here’s his website if you’re not on Instagram)

I just finished reading this oral history on the recommendation of an old friend, and if you have any interest in the start of the careers of The Strokes, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, LCD Soundsystem, Interpol, Vampire Weekend, or other bands around that scene in New York around that time, you might like it too

Not entirely unrelated, I have been looping Rostam Batmanglij’s new album, Changephobia, for a couple weeks now, and loving it

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