Friday Inspiration 290

This film about Slim Pickins Outfitters is a great window into a small Texas town, a couple’s struggle to keep a small business alive through the pandemic, parenting, and all sorts of other stuff (video)


Wow I’m excited for the Who Are You, Charlie Brown? documentary that comes out in *checks calendar* two weeks

This is from 2016, but if you a) love or have loved a dog and b) don’t mind getting a bit choked up, it’s for you

Thank you, Isak, for pointing me toward this massively time-wasting (or is it really wasting time?) list of lists of lists on Wikipedia

A great Danish ad spot about helmets (thanks, Ryan)

Dog ejected from car crash found days later at sheep farm, herding them

I am not sure how big the Venn diagram overlap is of people who read these Friday posts and people who are interested in addiction issues, but I had a nice chat with Becca a few weeks ago for her podcast about addiction

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