Friday Inspiration 288

Filmmaker Sean Wang revisits his 8th-grade yearbook, and I think the short film he made will probably make you feel something (video)


I had just heard of the “Can Opener” bridge in Durham, North Carolina, last month, and now, thanks to my wife, I know that there is an entire website dedicated to videos of all the trucks that have crashed into the bridge since 2008, and now you do too, and if you’d like an intro to the website, this video, called “Perfect Peel at the 11foot8+8 Bridge,” is a good one.

‘I don’t necessarily need some sort of tangible face to face audience, like a connection like that, I just need to know that every day I’m waking up and making someone feel happiness or joy.”
Dave Grohl, on the Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend podcast

If you’re wondering how loud cicadas can be, this Quartz Obsession will answer that question and a bunch of other questions you didn’t know you had about them

If you are a person who finds yourself saying/writing to people “no worries if not!” and also enjoys laughing at yourself, you will probably find this entertaining (thanks, Anna)

This particular type of restaurant—located in strip malls and discreet corners in residential neighborhoods—remains mostly unhelmed by James Beard-award winning or Michelin-starred chefs, they serve, arguably, some of the best food in the country.”

A Photographer’s Mission to Capture America’s Last, Great Rest Stops (from 2016)

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